Company Background

Unlike data-only providers, understands that timely DOT data is important, but shippers need tools to manage today's freight transportation risks effectively. Not only do we we provide that DOT data on carriers, but we offer a complete system for shippers to manage risk with: document management (for contracts, insurance, etc.); contact management for messaging with your carriers for either basic messages, or "receipt acknowledged" messages for when corrective actions or contract terms must be exchanged and documented.

Why is so different, is that we know what it takes to manage risks associated with hiring carriers. Our founders have professionally managed freight transportation risk since 1961. Our co-founder served as Chairman of the Carrier Qualification Committee for the Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) in 2006-7, and he is the current Chairman of TIA's Carrier Selection Committee. The Committee published a CSA 2010 Introduction and Summary, then published its Carrier Selection Framework in 2011, incorporating new laws, information and CSA implications. The Carrier Qualification & Selection Frameworks are the only trade association endorsed frameworks in this area, in existence.

We are recognized for our industry knowledge, leadership, advocacy and engagement with shippers, carriers and supply chain professionals. was formally established in 2006, and was built on a long-standing reputation for professionalism, credibility, integrity, customer-focus, and attention to detail. is a leading voice and force in risk management. Our clients include world class multi-national brand names. Fittingly,'s network of personnel and resources is also world class.