About Us

Risk management is more than just USDOT data. QualifiedCarriers.com is the recognized leader in providing affordable, effective and complete risk management tools to shippers and third parties who hire carriers. Our network of risk management experts, transportation attorneys, insurance experts and former government officials, makes your choice simple.

When it comes to qualifying carriers and managing risk, QualifiedCarriers.com stands alone as the intelligent choice. Designed by professional risk managers, for professional risk managers, our innovative tools set the standard for qualifying carriers and professionally managing risks when hiring motor carriers. Qualify your carriers.

More About Qualified Carriers.com

Company Background

Unlike lesser competitors, QualifiedCarriers.com are professional risk managers, with five decades of experience.

Mission Statement

QualifiedCarriers.com will endeavor to always be the most useful, relevant and practical motor carrier risk management service in America.

Areas of Expertise

Our innovative tools may help reduce your risk due to cargo theft and loss, freight damage, service failures, and truck accident legal liability.