Areas of Expertise's innovate tools, and world-class network of transportation industry and risk management experts, lawyers, and former government officials, provide a direct connection to a powerful set of resources specifically designed to reduce your risk due to cargo theft and loss, freight damage, service failures, and legal liability.

Our mission is to help you achieve these objectives. Let us help you track DOT safety and compliance data in real-time, customize your DOT data reports, manage your critical carrier documents, transmit important and timely messages to your carriers, draft or revise your standards of care, and verify carrier performance through assessments, audits and inspections.

Establish Your Benchmarks

  • Industry-Specific expertise: pharmaceuticals, chemicals, energy and petroleum, high-value freight, cold chain, security and loss prevention
  • Cutting edge knowledge of legal, regulatory, and insurance risks
  • Industry-leading management practices and quality assurance systems
  • Decades experience drafting and enforcing shipper requirements, terms and conditions, standards of care, fitness for use requirements, SOPs, and other benchmarks for measuring carriers, helping them improve, and ensuring compliance

Monitor and Respond

  • Track government safety data on your carriers, monitor trends, respond effectively
  • Keep your critical carrier documents current, complete and secure
  • Understand coming changes in regulation, legislation, litigation and insurance

Preventive and Corrective Action

  • Create and /or develop programs and processes for identifying areas for improvement within your organization, and within your carriers' organizations
  • Establish data-driven preventive and corrective protocols through carrier assessments and on-site audit inspections
  • Implement preventive and corrective action to ensure compliance, improve safety, and increase carrier performance

Ongoing Enhancement

  • We provide continual enhancements to our tools and technology, managed by experienced transportation experts, in line with evolving industry best practices, and ever mindful of ongoing developments in regulation, legislation, litigation, and insurance