Mission Statement

Successfully navigating today's regulatory landscape, and increasing market demands on global supply chains, requires focused attention to many details, understanding challenges, fresh ideas to address those challenges, and access to state of the art information and solutions. QualifiedCarriers.com strives to provide simple, streamlined and effective tools that help Shippers minimize risk while maximizing goodwill, productivity and profitability.

Every responsible shipper wants to reduce the incidence of freight damage, cargo theft, highway accidents, hazmat releases, and certainly injuries to third parties. These interests are fundamental to sound business practices and good corporate citizenship. In addition, industry leaders and the best performing companies recognize that managing and minimizing the risk of cargo damage and loss, accidents and especially injuries to third parties also reduces exposure to legal liabilities, and therefore is critical to an overarching business management strategy that reflects best practices in corporate governance, controls costs, and maximizes shareholder confidence. Our mission is to provide innovative, cutting edge, easy-to-use tools that can help you achieve these objectives.