Carrier Audits & Verifications

When in doubt, audit and verify! Smart people assembled your carrier contracts, insurance requirements, standards of care (SOCs), standard operating procedures, security assessments and other business-critical documents. Sometimes business partners may read, sign, and then file away those important documents, forgetting all about their responsibilities within them.

Don't let things go wrong before you audit and verify your service providers are who they say they are, and do what they claim to do. Thefts, loss, missed procedures and a variety of oversights may contribute to serious problems.

To maximize performance and minimize risk, please contact at 800-889-8177 to learn more about how our extensive network of professional auditors, inspectors, insurance experts, transportation risk managers, lawyers and former government officials may assist you.

Today, is helping many of the world's best known brands audit their carriers, brokers and other service providers, against important documents. Audit reports can be sobering at times, and reassuring too.

Our staff participates in many leading organizations, and in many cases, is helping to lead the national discussion in these areas.