Messaging & e-Signatures

Available to Premium Subscribers Only

Terms and conditions change. Emergency at a plant? Do you have a new product launch? Maybe you need to send a corrective action document for signature by one of your carriers. Only provides you with Messaging & e-Signatures as communication and risk management tools to get the job done.


  • Contact management system.
  • Store one or multiple contacts for all your carriers, including name, role (title), phone, email addresses.
  • Search the carriers you want to message using a powerful filter that lets your search by specific fields, including: name, group, role, etc.
  • Send email messages regarding cargo theft, loss prevention, other urgent security issues & simple reminders.
  • Send request for e-signature, and store acknowledgements.


Keep risk management and communications in one, secure place.

Ability to send an e-message to all of your carriers or a specific group that you have created.

Keep all the tools at your fingertips.

The electronic signature serves as verification that your important message has been read and understood. This feature is good for contract amendments & changes and other critical acknowledgements.