USDOT Data Reporting

Standard Services

Our Standard Service gives you powerful tools to manage carrier risk in your business.


  • Email Alerts
    - Authority is revoked or suspended
    - Safety Rating is downgraded (to Conditional or Unsatisfactory)
    - Safety Rating upgraded (from Conditional or Unsatisfactory)
    - FMCSA Insurance Filing becomes non-compliant
    - Receives an alert from FMCSA on one of its SMS BASIC scores
    - Data exceeds your set threshold.
- As of December 2015, FMCSA has suspended publication of BASIC Scores.
  • Current Data
    Data is refreshed every time FMCSA refreshes its publicly issued downloadable files, or its FTP subscription services, so your data stays fresh and current--seamlessly and effortlessly.
  • Simple To Use
    Easy to use and elegantly designed user interface. Each carrier has its own summary page, or you can review carriers in a list-view, showing ratings, insurance status, authority status, "alerts" and so on.


FMCSA is using its CSA program to investigate carriers quicker, and switch ratings faster.

Increases your oversight and management of your carrier vendors.

Reduces the risk that you use an unsafe, unauthorized or uninsured carrier.

Safer carriers tend to be higher performers when it comes to service, communications, on-time performance, billing and meeting your contractual needs.

Performing this base level due diligence and exercising reasonable care may help reduce your company's exposure to legal liability and other risks.

Premium Services

These tools help you visualize not only where your carrier is, but where it has been, and where it appears to be heading.


  • Easy to use Trend Reports
    - Uses all available FMCSA data that has been collected from the inception of the program in 2010
    - Displays that data in an easy to use and understand report that can be shown in either a Graphical View or a Tabular View
  • Optional Customized Report
    - Distributed monthly
    - Custom-designed showing only the carriers and information that is most relevant to you and your business.
  • Carrier-Compare Graphical Tool
    - Easy to read and understand
    - Select criteria and compare up to three carriers
  • Export Carrier Data into Excel


You have the ability to see how well a carrier has preformed over a selected period of time thus allowing you to determine a carrier's current risk.

Reports are easy to run and quickly provide information that helps you reduce risk and qualify your carriers.